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RB, a massive global corporation with hubs on every continent, needed to drive hundreds of project managers to a central e-learning portal during a 10 week period. The problem is that RB employees are extremely busy and traditional methods to reach them no longer work.
To deliver a message able to engage and persuade them to visit the portal. Something beyond the ordinary internal email or memo. And something strong enough to spark a new approach to global internal communications at RB.
In an increasingly attention-deficit world, you have to deliver a short, sweet and impactful message if you want busy people to notice and act. Our approach? GIF IDM A CHANCE - a series of original illustrated GIFS and short Vine style videos that entertain while delivering a crystal clear message. We launched the campaign in three phases over ten weeks, delivering a total of 17 original GIFS and videos via email, Yammer and on the IDM portal homepage.
Record breaking attendance on the portal. Several new briefs for similar communications in the pipeline and a true shift in the way RB communicates and builds relationships with its employees.